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More arena stupidity (a glitch rant)


So, last night I was battling and had the good 'ol “opponent wins” out of nowhere glitch. The opponent was up 2-1 when I took out one of their dinos, and was in a good place to probably win the match BUT only being 2-2 it glitched out and handed me the loss, and I lost trophies because of it. So, having dealt with this before I didn’t tap the screen, but rather closed the app and reopened it quickly to try and salvage the match. Of course when it reopened it went right to the arena where my opponent was in the middle of taking out the third dino of mine for the win - when I LOST MORE TROPHIES! 67 in all. I pay attention to this too, and they did not come back.

Second - just tonight I went to the arena, and was ranked #180. I battled (for another 3 hour incubator), won 27 trophies and my rank jumped to #156. Went back to the map and pedaled around a bit (I bike when I hunt) and then took another break to battle - and lo and behold I was ranked #180 again… as if I had never won the previous battle 15/20 minutes prior.

I swear this game just gets worse and worse…


I had the same issue with battle arena