More arenas PLEEeeeeeEEEEeeeASE

This is no news but can’t be said enough times. The matchmaking is… a thing beyond belief. I’m moving between 5800 and 5300 and there’s absolutely zero difference between the strength of the 5800 opponent and the 5300 opponent. Every single person has a max boosted lvl 30 team, except me that is, i have some 30, some 28, and a 25… And i have a better team than ever, much better than when i first made my way to 5800 but now i cant win in 5300. In what other situation in life do we achieve worse results when we get better? It’s so unnatural. So many times i have opened the app thinking hey its gonna be fun to play a little only to be paired with a team even a one cell organism can see my team cant win against.

Everything in jwa is eternal repetition. Eternal grinding. Eternal disappointment. We never get to feel like we are winning. 10 fuse. Impossible pvp. Grinding a year to to get a max level dino only to then be paired with even harder opponents. You don’t even get one pvp you can win with your new great dino, opponent power is switched up way more than yours. And everything is always exactly the same in pvp. I hate the yawn emoji but i started using it now because everybody is doing the exact same thing. the maxima. the dio. the tryko. the rat. the thor. for years, exactly the same. I cant even win through creativity the game also forces max, tryko, dio, rat into my team if i ever want to move up and WIN once in a while for christ sake! In real life creativity can make you win, in jwa conformity is the only way. Its very often an opponent with a max, a tryko and a dio and every single thing has a slowdown move so very few things can counter these eternal tryko, max, dio… its mindblowingly repetitive. There are so many dinos in jwa why are only a handful any use?

So i dont know, maybe in two years i’ll have my max everything team, i might have lost my will to be different and have a thormaxtrykodio@30 team and the stars will all align, rng will give me an opponent i can win against at the right time and ill pass into the shores! Is that the one after gyro? shores? Then maybe five years in there before the next series of winnable pvp lets me see whatever is next. Long time looking at the same backgrounds.

500 trophies is a year in play time or more. So there could easily be room for twice the arenas, or ten times the arenas. Arena paths based on what dinos you have in your team? What about different requirements for some arenas? You could have the thor arena where everybody who cant live without their thor can battle each other, the fans of maxima arena… maybe a creative arena for people who want to try new dinos without getting the yawn or the point and laugh… the no rat arena… it could be so cool! Maybe a boss arena where random players can pvp with the top ten?

A way to choose a different path towards the top… depending on what dinos you want to use or how would be fun. Could be. A way to opt out of looking at a maxima every time you press pvp. sooner or later they have to merge i guess into a single file to the top 1000s or something but then the way there could be a lot more interesting!

Just thinking out loud…

PS can we remove the time limiter on the emojis i want to send the angry emoji like 300 times during most battles?


I totally agree. I am bouncing between 5200 to 5600, and I am facing more or less the same type of opponents (no difference in creature’s strength). When you looking at the leaderboard, the trophy difference between the top 1 to top 100 is a whopping 7400, and the trophy difference between the next 400 players (form top 101 to top 500) is only 270. This is unreal. Ludia needs to make serious changes or this will become so unbalanced and people will lose motivation to play in the arena.