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More armor for Megistocurus

Who agrees that Megistocurus should get more armor? Doedicurus, one of components, has 50% so why Megistocurus only 15 and not atleast 25? She is so beautiful and she deserves more.


Nah, he is a non superhybrid legendary based on swap in damage. We don’t need another op legendary like draco


Besides, who’s to say that the super hybrid won’t have more armor? It’s a perfect set-up for anyone who wants Armadillo Dog’s hybrid.

I think the armor is fine. The only buff I think it could use right now is full decel immunity, but I’m still feeling it out.

Honestly I’d say just give it S-I Ferocity instead of the Strike and buff its armor to something like 30%. There’s no real precedent for it to have S-I Shattering Strike.


As long as it has a 1400 base damage Swap in Shattering Strike, I don’t think it needs more armor. We don’t really need a legendary version of Magnus running around.

I just don’t get why it even has the Shattering Strike to begin with. Megistotherium has a Swap-In, sure, but it’s a self-buff, not an attack.

Once again, I think giving it the Ferocity and more armor is the better play.

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That could work, yeah