More balanced distribution of strike towers

Distribution of strike towers on map is bad since update 1.10. In last week just become worst ever. Some of us couldn’t find St. Patrick epic strike first. After some time appeared, but rare disappeared. Then yesterday at reset everything changed again. For example I didn’t have a single normal drop in range, cause three events run at same time: common, rare and St. Patrick event (unique) creatures. Boosts strike didn’t even appear yesterday.
Today we have three strikes and I doubt that I will be able to do scent strike. As you see on picture it’s only one I can see and its close to highway, so pretty much no chance to reach it.

Due to situation with corona virus I limited myself on walking outside and we will also get prohibited to gather outside in groups (5 or more). I have no intention to pay fines just to do some strike towers, cause nearest one is 5-10 blocks away.

I can’t even see a scent strike on my map…

I see some supply drops have nothing on them around my place. Kind of a waste with the movement restrictions all over the place right now.

Yes please. There are three drops around my house that are always strike events, usually the same ones (common). There’s no need to have two strike events of the same type 200 yards away from each other.

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They completely ruined the game. It’s unplayable.

  • PvP is hopeless
  • darting near to impossible
  • events unfindable
  • striketowers either unfindable/unplayable/
    disappear before due time
  • creatures nerfed for no reason
  • supplydrops hardly providing any FIP tokens anymore,
  • friendlist shows 0 trophies
  • recent opponents list shows 0 trophies
  • after darting or battling all disappears from the map
  • swap-in creatures leg
  • too many events at a time
  • towers/supplydrops/spawns randomly move at any given time

Perhaps forgot something…

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