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More basal gen 2s

I think there should be rare, super rare and legendary gen 2 creatures. I mean what would be the point of having gen 2 fury if every other gen 2 is a tournament creature? So here is my predictions on what could be basal gen 2s. However there’s definitely more tournament gen 2s coming

Rares :
Alanqa gen 2
Tuojangosaurus gen 2
Majungasaurus gen 2
Diplocaulus gen 2
Guanlong gen 2
Hatzegopteryx gen 2
Pelecanimimus gen 2
Tropeognathus gen 2
Limnoscelis gen 2
Bonitasaura gen 2

Super rares :
Monolophosaurus gen 2
Gallimimus gen 2
Pachycephalosaurus gen 2
Utharaptor gen 2
Diplodocus gen 2
Nundasuchus gen 2
Dsungaripterus gen 2
Ramphorynchus gen 2
Tyrannotitan gen 2
Ophiacodon gen 2
Irritator gen 2

Legendary :
Corythosaurus gen 2
Nasutoceratops gen 2
Spinosaurus gen 2
Rajasaurus gen 2
Koolasuchus gen 2
Quetzalcoatlus gen 2
Zeijangopterus gen 2
Tapejara gen 2
Supersaurus gen 2
Stegosaurus gen 2
Postosuchus gen 2
Metriornychus gen 2

Limiteds :
Ankylosaurus gen 2
Carnotaurus gen 2
Argentinosaurus gen 2
Coloborynchus gen 2
Allosaurus gen 2
Labyrinthodontia gen 2
Suchomimus gen 2
Sarcosuchus gen 2
Dimorphodon gen 2
Dimetrodon gen 2
Pyroraptor gen 2
Giganotosaurus gen 2
Therizinosaurus gen 2

I didn’t listed the other legendaries because they’re probably get a limited gen 2

Edit : as most of you know there are apperantly many rumors of dimetrodon and pyroraptor for dominion and there are already leaks out so their appearance is kinda guaranteed. Therizinosaurus is also heavily rumored but i’m waiting for confirmation before listing a therizinosaurus gen 2

So technically, it’s every Base Creature we have as a Gen 2.

Yes it is. Exept therizinosaurus. I’m waiting till therizinosaurus is confirmed for dominion before i include his gen 2

I don’t understand why you would exclude poor Therizinosaurus but include creatures not even in the movies like Majungasaurus, Alanqa, etc for Gen 2s.

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Therizinosaurus? Why me? :rage:


Why do we even need Gen 2’s? It’s lazy and I’d much rather get new creatures then an old recycled one with slightly different stats.
There are more than enough to choose from.


I’m waiting till dominion. There was a leak where he was listed with pyroraptor and dimetrodon and apparently these two are kinda confirmed

Yep. They don’t need a movie appearance but this could be a reason why we won’t see one in a long time but yes im gonna include him

I want Metriorhynchus Gen 2 to be aquatic.

Could be but but perhaps they’re gonna rework gen 1 too

Ouais, mais personne voudrais se battre pour, et toutes les créatures qui sont apparus depuis que j’ai joué (c’est à dire 1 ans) on été des créatures de ligue mise apare les super hybride ou les hybride extra rare (geolasmosaur).

Translated from French

Yeah, but no one would fight for, and all the creatures that have appeared since I played (i.e. 1 year) have been league creatures apart from super hybrids or extra rare hybrids (geolasmosaur) .

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation in the future.

The only dinosaurs that can be unlocked with gen 2 fury are t rex and raptor. Every gen 2 dino that was added after (i don’t count indom and indoraptor gen 2 because they’re hybrids) were straight tournament exclusive wich has made gen 2 fury basically useless unless you’re a newer player and need to get there . So please start making more legendary, rare and super rare gen 2s

Knowing that no creature can rival Indoraptor Gen 2 in ferocity, they did it well. Anything stronger than Super Rare for Velo Gen 2 or stronger than basal legendary for T-Rex Gen 2 would’ve made Indoraptor Gen 2 extremely overpowered and would unbalance any lineup.