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More Bosses

I know there are no bosses from thursday to sunday. I personally would want more bosses even if they were to interfere with the tournament. What are your thoughts?


I wouldn’t really want more. We want as much focus on the tournaments as possible, raids take a lot of coordination that would take too much energy away from the Tournaments. The only thing I would say is eventually add more bosses so that it’s not the same every week. Though I love raids when they work and the rewards are great.


They are probably working on new bosses right now in the lab. But we won’t see them for a couple months at least probably.

There’s Smilonemys tomorrow though.

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I’d like more bosses as well. I don’t mind the tournament’s (mostly) but historically, once a certain point was reach (past the 10 kills) a lot of people just stopped competing entirely due to whatever reason.

I prefer raids, when they work right and are not Mortem, over tournaments.

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Well my alliance likes focusing on tournaments generally. You never know what the next month championship reward will be. Now Diloracherius has a use we might try a little harder this month.

Maybe we could have not as good bosses on the weekends so it wouldnt take a lot of coordination

same. i agree

I feel like with epic strike towers, epic/end - of week event dinosaurs, occasional big trials, and tournaments do we really need more on weekends?

Hopefully soon in the future we will be over COVID-19 shutdown and will also have coin chases.

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true. but it could be like common or rare bosses

I just want features to work properly before they add other stuff.


Yes, I think more on the weekends is fine. If someone wants to play a tournament, play it. If someone wants to do raids, do that. Many people do not play tournaments and because some do…it seems wrong to say we could not have raids simply because some people like tournaments.

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thank you. i totally agree with you.

A few slightly easier ones would be great. It seems lower level players aren’t catered to at all lately.

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yeah i was wonderig maybe a few more epic ones and maybe some commons or rares

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They count as battles and that helps missions :slightly_smiling_face:

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I want more apexes, an apex Spino would be cool

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new boss never seen before
wolly savage
mammoth animation

group ferocity
(deal 1x damage bypass cloak and give team extra 500 damage on next 4 turns)

amour piercing bellow
(deal 2x damage bypass amour and decelerate opponent team by 100 speed for 4 turns)

tusk rampage
(target highest hp and lowest hp and deal 1.5x damage and bleed it 0.495 of opponents max hp for 2 turns)

cleansing impact

resistant to

50% to speed decrease
100% to Dot
100% to stuns
25% to swap preventions
100% to vulnerable



That seems a bit too OP.

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