More Breeding Spots

I don’t think the odds need to be changed (even though I’m pretty unlucky myself), no game is going to hand over the most powerful characters so easily, right?

However, since the odds seem to be very low, why not add another 1 or 2 breeding spots? Waiting 20h+ just to get ONE 3* sucks. At least give us more opportunity by letting us breed 2 or even 3 at the same time.
Introduce it at a certain level, it might make players more motivated to level up too.


An extra breeding spot would definitely be nice to have. I honestly expected they’d add something like that to the Flight Club perks (before Flight Club was released).


I thought there was some talking about different breeding spots to breed for example 1 to 3 stars together and 3 to 5 stars together - although somehow the possibility of throwing in 1 star and 5 star would have to be possible.
So my idea would be something like the rarity quests we are getting - you have two breeding spots, but the first dragon has to be a 1-3 star on one spot and a 4-5 star on the other. So that time consuming breeding of e.g. 4 star and 4 star doesn‘t block the breeding spot for half a day (reduced time from level 40+) / almost a complete day (normal breeding time).

At least something like that would be worth paying for, unlike what we are currently getting after the update.