More buffs

Anybody else think that most, or all, of the Dinosaurs in the game should get buffed? I’m just under 4800 trophies currently and all of my opponents teams are nearly an exact match of my team. I think it’d really spice things up if every Dino were made to be competitive, instead of everyone pulling from the same 12 or so. Sure some should be stronger than others by right, but some variation would be nice. Agree? Disagree?

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We may battle a great variety of dinos at the lower arenas - instead of the same suspect all of the times (and depends on who gets lucky meta…:sweat_smile:…).

We may even try out dinos that we have levelled up (to L15 or L20) but not in the team.

More fun I think. No Uniques down here. Only Legendaries ocassionally…:blush:

For uniques, touramoloch, dioraja, and magna need a buff for sure.

Touramoloch’s attack is way too low for a fast dinosaur.

Magna’s problem is Dinos with instant charge, giving it a distracting move will be much better.

Dioraja is supposed to counter dinos with running abilities, but running away dinos can still safely run away by stunning you, not receiving the counter attack, and running away next turn. If it has swap in invincibility and pinning counter attack, and a some more health will be better.

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