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More bugs in the tournament ring... winning but game interrupts and says I lost

Hi there,

Twice now I’m in the middle of a battle either tied or winning, and the game stops and says I lose. What?.. I was clearly winning and then out of nowhere, the game says I’ve lost. It’s extremely frustrating when you’re working hard to keep up with everyone, and then you make headway, only for the game to bug out.

Also… I don’t know how in the world people make headway with an Ornithomimus. The dodge rarely goes in my favor, yet I battles one person who’s Ornithomimus had successful dodges at least 6-7 times in a row (I get a dodgebto work twice at best - many times dodgebdowsnt work at all)… I couldn’t get in a single bite, not even with my Rexy. Is this a cheat? Or does the game just not like me :rofl:

Quickly restart the app when it bugs on you like this to try to get back in the battle before it’s over.

Regarding dodges, sometimes you’re the wind shield sometimes you’re the bug.

I seem to hardly ever get a dodge, like ever. I’ve almost given up on using the orinthomimus because of how poorly it performs for me. In my head I was thinking it is such a waste of a dinosaur, that’s how badly it operates for me :rofl:. And I’ve never seen a orithomimus dodge that many times in a row. Honestly it was weird. But I guess RNG can be like that?

No, I can’t stop in the middle of the battle because the battle stops itself thinking it’s already done and says I’ve lost, even though I was clearly winning. The app clearly thinks the battle is over regardless. I had to shut down the app, too. Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe I should try starting a new battle right away to see if it brings me back to the one I was in, but even if it did, by the time I make it back in, I would’ve pretty much lost.

What kind of phone do you have? If you are still in the battle you’ll be in the battle after restarting the app.

Most of the time my restart is too slow, but occasionally I can still ink out a win. Always attempt to restart the app if you get kicked in the middle of a battle.

Good luck.