More Bugs: XP and breeding

Expecting a big summer update and found a bug spread:

  • Battle Conquest stuck and unable to advance. This morning I skiped the battle conquest duty I had because it didn’t advance with battle victories, but I can’t remember which one it was. Now it’s win battles with red dragon.
  • Eggs, gold and fish are added to storage over their previous limits, even though they are red (which is good if we have to breed or lvl up 15 dragons each time)
  • Wonderful Experience quest awards more experience than expected, althoug I didn’t make sure if the xp really added was as high as it showed after winning the battle.
  • I still got a 2 star Rumblehorn after breeding 2 “Son of Skullcrusher”

On the good side

  • Clan Alpha duty is a good addition, but it’s just another long long time to comoplete dutty: making it 6 battles means 24h in the best case (like breed 3 dragons when you are aiming for a 4* or 5*).
  • Book of dragons shows all dragon skill icons correctly. It usualy showed white squares before.

I was expecting 4 months to get my second Skullcrusher from the flight club chests, but now it won’t be less than 6 monts, and I’m thinking it’s not worth the subscription if the bugs and chest nerfs are going to be ruining gameplay.

I’m sorry, I thing you really had a good idea to bring HTTYD to match3 mobile gaming scene, and I loved the animations you made for the dragons, but I doubt I can put up with a half broken game until september.