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More bugs?

Continuing the discussion from Update 12 - Skill & Style:

The challenges are considerably harder since the update, which is fine even if I am sometimes let down by lacklustre progression through a dungeon. My bigger complaints are with the challenge mode (saw the latest that they were planning to address this) and more recently I’ve gone into dungeons with hero’s who needed to be a certain level before entering the room. The issue is that when I’m not playing with those hero’s it shows the room but when I put them in my roster and re-entered that dungeon the room isn’t there anymore!

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That is another thing we have talked about. There had been no official word that I have seen but the community had come up with ideas about them. 1) the rooms and characters you need are randomized. 2) you might have to take the same path and are not. For example if it was a room 8 and you took all right handed turns the first time, then maybe you took a left the second time. It is possible that there is more than one version of each room.

I think there were other theories as well that I am just not remembering

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Interesting. I hadn’t thought about which rooms you select mattering. Makes me want to go back and try different combinations…but probably not enough to actually do it ha ha. But those hero rooms do have nice rewards.

Yeah, I am not sure that makes a difference but you never know

I’ve been scouring the challenges for them :wink:

But well get through them all eventually so no rush