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More bugs


After beating the dungeon it got stuck here. I had to force close the game and When I got back in I had no level up ready.


It’s definitely a bigger bug. I can’t level up it seems.


After 2 dungeons I’m still at 2983 XP.


Yeah, this happens when some sort of auto attack kills the boss. Any XP you’ve gained so far when you have to reset the game and continue the challenge is lost

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There are a LOT of XP related bugs. Trying to force the bard to level by letting her die part way through, but she often receives zero XP, even if she makes it through 4 rooms.


It’s any attack. It’s stuck


When tommus (or presumably anyone) procs on a move attack vs zombie this can happen:
Tommus’ move killed zombie
Zombie procs revive
Zombie disappears
Zombie attacked once, then my turn
No targets to hit with bard
Rangers turn
No target to hit with attack. Can attack zone.
Attack zone in front of tommus.
Game freeze.


The game seems excessively laggy as well. It reloads 4-5 times per dungeon. This is either a visual glitch or I’m not gaining XP. This was after wiping on room 13 of harvest shield mountain


I am getting this a lot, It’s a bit frustrating when its your on that last boss (For the D20) Once you do get back in and that XP is gone is just harsh. If you got that finished and your XP is just all 0’s feels a bit brutal.
This happening while leveling & on that last D 20…It’s effecting my motivation. I have a lot of free time and even I find this part gets to me.
:arrow_right: For others who have less time I can see this being a massive turn off.

:arrow_right: Bugs in games we get it it’s an ongoing thing yes still, Priority on some bugs that really effect the players can save or break a game.
Bugs that effect the players ability to progress, these just really need to be addressed as soon.
I have seen tiny good changes but no amount of these will be enough to balance the cons.

I am currently watching the catastrophe happening in a MMO I play & have been playing for over 3 years. The beta testing, the preview server… It’s looking like a possible death much like with Everquest. [This kinda thing applies with these games too.]


I’m sorry that you were having these issues @Mr.Awesome. Could you email our support team here at with your support key along with the date and time for when they happened so our team can investigate further? Thanks!


I can do that but I deleted the screenshots. I posted all of these basically as they happened.
Would they be able to use the forum posts to reference times?


That shouldn’t be a problem. If our team requires a screenshot, you could provide them the link to this post.


So many bugs…