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More buildings ludia?

Its no joke that Jurassic World The Game has a handful of dinosaurs, can’t we have more buildings and decors? All the buildings and decors that are in the game is pretty nice and really good attention to detail but I kinda want more adding more buildings and decors can really help the game be more lively. One thing though, if Ludia is to add more buildings to the game wouldn’t that mean they also have to give us more space too build those?

Even if Ludia doesn’t add new building, can they at least give them a better use. Like the ACU Towers which don’t really give a lot of coins, they could do something with the code-19s, maybe if the dinosaur escapes the ACU Towers could lessen its time. With the amber pedestals, maybe if the amber pedestal is beside a dinosaur that is bought in the amber market it will lessen the price of it by well 2% and of course it would add up if with the amount of amber pedestals you have around the said dino.


About buldings they are technically useless, as someone once said they produce lower coins than the weakest dinosaur.

However I agree, I would like some nice buildings with variety like the wildlife preservation, they are my favourite buildings


Well, they’re mostly used in story missions and that’s pretty much it. Early game user use it, but in mid and late game yeah they are useless.


In late game they can be used for collection, I use the wildlife ones, the rainforest pavillions to make my park greener.

They also made the right decision to put the park oasis with the higher bonus as they make my park look beautiful :heart_eyes:

I’ve also decided I’m going to sell many of the buildings on Sorna since they are techinically useless in late game

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