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More carnivores and herbivores in tournament battles

I mentioned that I had observed a greater presence of carnivores and herbivores in tournament battles and someone had mentioned that it wasn’t actually true, that it was just a greater variation of carnivores and herbivores due to there being twice the number of pteros and amphibians.

I’ve now been seeing that at least in my tournament there is definitely a greater number of carnivores and herbivores. Specially carnivores. These are the last 10 battles I faced:

Amph, Carn, Herb
Carn, Carn, Carn
Carn, Herb, Amph
Herb, Carn, Ptero
Carn, Carn, Carn
Carn, Herb, Carn
Ptero, Carn, Herb
Carn, Carn, Carn,
Carn, Carn, Herb,
Herb, Carn, Carn

This, of course, can be an anomaly so I’d like to see if others are seeing the same. Would people be keen to share their last 10-20 battles?

Not sure who disagreed with that but yes, I tend to see more of these class types than others. Particularly carnivores.

Would you then agree that it is a good strategy to prioritize hatching and evolving amphibians? That is, a bench that is deep in amphibians will be more successful in a tourney? Also, If the expectation is to see more carnivores, wouldn’t having a amphibian with lots of health (like Eyrops) in the starting position be a good strategy?

It can be, yes. I often use a lineup of meat shield amphi, followed by ptero and carnivore. But also use meat shield herbivore, strong amphi, carnivore…and carnivore, ptero, carnivore (good when you run low on amphis). All these lineups work well for me.

Proterogyrinus is a good option too… and he have decent attack.

But hasn’t had an unlock in over a year. Personally I don’t tend to rely on 7-day tournaments as battle creatures all that much, at least not in Jurassics where there are an abundance of better options.

Keep in mind that around 2/3rds of Jurassic creatures fall into the carnivore and herbivore categories. Six of the 10 highest ferocity creatures are carnivores. So it makes sense that the opponents faced are biased towards creature population.

I do not remember clearly, but yesterday and today though I faced relatively less carnivores.

I remember that in the Brachiosaurus tournament though I faced a heck lot of carnivores. (Sadly my best amphi was a level 40 Postosuchus). Yesterday and today I faced minimal carnivores as compared to Herbivores.

I could be wrong but i have always assumed the tournament match ups were to some extent based on the team you pick.

I normally pick Herb, amphib, carno when i can make a good team like that. In doing so i feel like i typically see a fair amount of herbs and carno’s on the other teams. But if I change it up and go something like amphib herb amphib ill see more Ptero’s on the other teams, same with going heavy on carno’s i’ll see more amphibs on the other teams.

No idea if there is truth to this but i just assumed as much from what i had been seeing and figured there was something programmed into the match making. Other wise just loading up on amphibs and or carnos all the time would be pretty safe strategy.

who knows


I assume the same. I think as long as you bring a decent team, the AI chooses opponents and moves that give you a decent chance at a win. Sometimes there’s no chance, but that just seems like a random setup that happens every once in a while.

True, even with level 20 VIPs, a lucky team arrangement can mean the difference between victory and defeat. I won some rounds by luck with class disadvantage.

This tournament seems to be a lot different, I encounter a lot more pteros than usual probably since Ludia wants to showcase how great pteros are. Usually they are not the starting type on the opponents team though so I also started focusing on using high health amphibians as the first creature. Using meatshield herbivores as the starting creature still seems like a good choice as well.

After we compiled enough data maybe we should also check the starting creatures too since it gives a great advantage to know how to approach our battle teams.

Here are my last ten battles:

herb herb amph
carn carn carn
herb herb herb
herb ptero ptero
carn amph ptero
car carn amph
ptero carn ptero
herb herb carn
herb carn herb
herb herb ptero