More Cenozoics


Synthetoceras is fine, just switch the order of Resilient Strike and Instant Charge. Also maybe Medium Counter Attack? Odd resistances, but 50% rend is ok. Maybe 100% Resistant to Deceleration instead of 67% Resistant to Vulnerable?

Mastodon needs more health. Maybe 4500? Also, switch the position of the strike and the shield. Maybe have it 100% Resistant to Stun and lose Bleed resistance? 108 speed might be good for it too.

Hyenadon is a bit much, maybe reduce the Armor Piercing counter to Maximal Counter, and bump the HP up to 3900?

Constriction really doesn’t make sense. Maybe this?
Target Highest HP, Bypass Armor, Deal 20% Rending Damage. Decelerate by 50% for 1 turn.
Also have it as the strike. Nullifying Counter can go, it’s not really needed for it. Maybe swap it for on escape Evasive Ramage? Also, change the 50% rend resistance to 50% Deceleration resistance.

Paraceratherium should have either resilient or taunting strike. Also 34% Crit Chance reduction is useless the way the game has Crit Reduction set up. Maybe either Decel or full Taunt immunity?

Arsinotherium should have a rampage. From what if looks like, it’s supposed to be an Epic Paraceratherium. Maybe Cleansing Strike, Resilient Rampage, and Group Taunting Shielding Impact?
Also, the resistances really need to be changed. Have DoT become deceleration, and rend become Stun immunity. I’ve already made my point with Crit Reduction, but this we can keep and make it Full Immunity.


It’s just a simple idea, I am sure Ludia (if they add these creatures to the game) will modify them better. Love those suggestions though! :slightly_smiling_face:

I would also like the famous knuckle horses to join the fray!

Real name Chalicotherium, in case anyone thinks I think they’re really called “knuckle horses.”


I like these ideas @Spino2318 and @Unicornodon!