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More chances on events!


Ludia needs to give more chances on these events. Some of us are not as good as to get perfect shots on every dart. Im 2 away from Blue. 2 DNA! 7 away from cocavenator, and the indoraptor event. One chance? Whats the point? Im not asking for many here. Maybe make gold 4 chances instead of 3. We get 14 chances for commons and most of the time they are dinosaurs I cant get away from as it is. So many things wrong with this game. I love it. Dont get me wrong but even when i battle my level 12 Pyro raptor gets one shotted AND outsped by a level 4 velociraptor? Guys what gives?


I’m fine with 12 chances at commons. I’m also fine with 3 chances at epics. I’d like to see the chances at rares upped to 6 to give it some symmetry with the other rarities. Legendaries and uniques should NOT be included in this event. IMHO these should be something that’s worked for (or paid for, which I’m not a fan of but that’s an entirely different discussion), or a reward for some other type of event.

The way the Indraptor was handled just reminds me of a certain type of dealer… “your first taste is free, but after that it’s going to cost you”. Almost no one had a chance of actually scoring an Indo from that 1 shot but hey, that’s what the expensive incubator in the store is for, right? Uggh.

As for the Velo meta, it is what it is. The combo of high speed, high base damage, a 2x damage move on a 1 turn cooldown and a 50% damage debuff make it an obvious inclusion on every team. Just make the assumption that you’re going to fight one every battle and plan accordingly. I know that’s not the best answer, but it’s just the way it is until some balancing is done.


On topic - yes, please. 4 chances. 4. Just one extra chance. Or make the target slightly bigger, either way. I’m tired of hitting what looks like a direct shot to only get half of the DNA I should.

Off topic - Velociraptors don’t need balance. Anklyosaurs, Euplocephalus, and Triceratops gen 2 all survive a pounce (among others) and can do enough damage to kill or weaken a VR to the point that your 2nd dino can take them out. Just make sure you have 2 or 3 dinos that can survive the first hit. Are they annoying? Sure. So is T-Rex. But the latter is easier to counter…

Especially as you get into the higher battle tier levels, V-raptors (raptors in general) become a non-issue/counterable like everything else. I’m at 1600 medals as F2P and V-Raptors are just an annoyance, not a wall.


Just as a counterpoint… I’m at 2700 trophies with $15 spent on a few one time offers, and my level 15 Velo is still a deadly weapon when used wisely.


2800 (or was, rather), echoing Algorithmz’s sentiment regarding the relevance of raptors.


They’re relevant. I’ve been swept by one. It sucks. But it isn’t every time. If it were every time, or I swept with my V-Raptor every time, then yeah, it would be OP.

But they have very effective counters. It’s just up to each player to use those counters.


But this isn’t about V-raptors. Sorry for hijacking.