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More clan leader options


As a clan leader I really miss some features:

  • Possibility to make co-clan leaders - If something goes wrong in the clan or I have some days where I cant be active, I need others to take care of eventual kicks/invites

  • More detailed alpha fight log - Would love to see how many time the members attacked, if its possible, also their teams and what damage they did in individuel runs.

  • Do something with in game chat - It really sucks right now. Like REALLY bad. As a leader I would like to make adjustments(delete posts). Even bether would be a forum setup, why we can lock posts and pin some important stuff. I know alot of clans, mine included, uses Discord. But a better in game communication platform would be great.

I may forgot something, but these 3 things is important imo.

Best regards
Farmer Jay - Leader of Valhallas Finest


Bump, mostly for bullet number 1, and can I please see when a member was last logged in?

  1. Jay, while I haven’t tried it, there is the “promote” feature right now. And if something happens to your account - most likely you and your clanmates can contact support to pass the leadership.

  2. Storing all that data could be tricky, in light of how their other online utilities work. I mean, sometimes you can’t even load players’ profiles from the roster menu. But other than that, yes, I vote this point up.

  3. I don’t think they can fix the chat. It looks like basically a crutch for lower spectrum of clans. Seeing as you are the leader of one of the tryhard clans(no offense), perhaps you should just set up a Discord server. Moving people there is far easier than getting Ludia on doing anything with the existing chat.

  4. @Itsabanana As for your point, I’d also thumb it up, but I screenshot the results of the past 3-5 events and if the person was missing from most of them - well: “public clan - public rules”, so to say.

If I ask a bit of an offtopic question, seeing as you guys might have more data - is the key ranking top 20? Or am I just that unlucky that for a few days strictly not more than 20 people participated? Because if it scales to all 25 people - then “last login” should really be obvious based on the total alpha score. If it doesn’t change\degrades - that person hasn’t contributed in a while. But if it’s top 20 only and some people are not only left sheetouttaluck, but also are “invisible” when it comes to their participation - that’s more of a problem. Or maybe that was by design, as if someone doesn’t make top 20 - then their 5 spots are essentially the short straws if it comes to forced turnover?

Key rankings are for all who attack the alpha. So all 25 members can rank if they attack


Or yeah, last logon would be amazing!

The promote feature makes the other person clan leader instead of you. Tried with my wife. Thank god she was in a good mood and gave it back.

I dont know what is possible, its just the things i need as a clan leader and a sort of feedback for the devs

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All who attack get keys

I also screenshot all of the results, and keep track of them in a spreadsheet, but it’s easier for officers to enforce rules if some information is more publicly visible.

The key ranking goes all the way to 25, going down by 2 keys each time. So rank 21 gets 35 keys, and rank 25 gets 27 keys.

Last login is still helpful, because if you drop an alpha with 12 hours to spare, then it could be down before some people log in. You wouldn’t know their activity level then, in that case.

I actually just created this account to suggest the last login status. As a clan leader it’s something that I really need to know to be sure that members are still playing the game and pulling their weight. I am also an alliance leader on Empires and Puzzles so the suggestion about knowing when players attacked the Alpha and what scores they got is also a very helpful feature and being able to nominate co-leaders and make other promotions is a great way to incentivise members and reward loyalty and great performance.

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I would loooove for extra clan leader perks. Not perks for the leader themselves, but ways they can help their clan.

Ex. - If the leader maxed out their fish, coins or eggs, all extra would overflow into a Clan Vault, where clan members can withdraw the overflow items (limited amounts per day so it’s fair for everyone, or higher battle points let you withdraw more resources)

Scales would also be a great thing to offer to the rest clan as well~ Maybe dragons could even be traded between clan members? It could make getting those extra Epic and Legendary duplicates a hint easier.