More coins

Hey there,
I’m always blocked because I don’t earn enough coins to change my dinosaurs. It’s frustrating ! I have to find out more than 50’000 coins ! Is it a way to improve that ?
Thanks and love.

Grind moar supply drops and be patient. I honestly like the pace of getting coins. It’s the stupid epics that ,never seem to be around that stops me from,advancing. And yet there are people on this forum that seem to find like 5 epics a day in their cities. Yaay! Rural life with lack of spawns…

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You are lucky you get to live in a nice quiet county kind of setting, id love to live in such a tranquil place…not a Dino in sight…oh yeah now I get the problem LOL

No but seriously its a great place to live, but not so great for spawns!

Also I too have hit the coin wall, today there was 5 members of my Dino team that could be levelled up, but only had the coin for my Gorgosuchus -_-!

Well least only 4 to go lol!

I have 15 dino to level up ! It makes me so sad… I earn DNA with incubator but not enough coins on board :frowning:

Keep in mind it’s not necessary nor wise to try and level up everything. I have 67 that could be levelled up right now. Pick and choose carefully.

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I live in the country (150m-long driveway, so very few dinos from home!), but even on weekends when I don’t go into “the city” and get dinos as a passenger, hubby and I drive the back roads and get our daily allotment of coins from supply drops and green boxes.

And yeah, like D_MOL said, definitely only use your coins for the dinos you’re going to battle with.

You got 15 dinosaurs ready to level? Try having…

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Same haha, free to play can only level up my team.