More commons

I like the creatures we get but there should be more commons. We have 11 rigs
Big cats, tiny pterosaurs, bears, turtles, snakes, tower sauropods, Oviraptoroids, elephants, pterosaurs (pteranodon type) archaopteryx rig and deer that don’t have a common creature so we should get more


The last common was Sinosauropteryx


I could not agree more. I was in the toolbox not that long ago making creatures, and found myself making a lot of commons because there are hardly any of them. :rofl:


I made 43 new creature proposal commons in total


(10 Amurosauruses)

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22 commons made. Also, yes, I had to use a dinosaur that most people probably don’t know. :joy:

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I actually know that dinosaur

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Wow. Even I, the dinosaur nerd didn’t know it until a random dinosaur generator.

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My idea for future commons

  • Tiny pterosaurs : sordes, peteinosaurus
  • elephants : amebelodon, mastodon
  • deer : synthetoceras
  • pterosaurs pteranodon type: Nyctosaurus, tapejara
  • tower sauropods : camarasaurus, jobaria
  • snakes : gigantophis, wonambi
  • Oviraptoroids : citipati, cortyhoraptor
  • big cats : megatheron, homotherium
  • turtles : megalochelys
  • archaopteryx rig : microraptor
  • bears : sarkastodon, cave bear
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I am a Dino nerd too and I haven’t even heard of anything like it

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i have some idea! it’s ichthyostega!
animation is salamander.
hybrid: Rajastega (Legendary)
HP: 3400
DMG: 1000
SPD: 110
Ammor: 0%
Crit: 5%
Class: Cunning

  • Cunning strike
    -Cleansing Rapage
    -Meadium Counter attack

-Crit Reduction 100%
-Reduced Damage 100%

I recommend to use JWA toolbox