More control over catapult/flare deployment in raids

When performing a raid, I think you should be able to ‘un-select’ the flare/catapult. Whenever one is selected and i drag the screen around or zoom in, the moment i stop touching my screen the item is deployed in that location, even when using two fingers. The reason i’m dragging the screen around zooming in or out is because i want to be precise with where i deploy these things, but that is not possible right now. I have little knowledge of game dev, but it seems like an easy fix (like tapping the icon again to un-select it or prohibiting deployment when zooming or panning).


Même avec tous les accélérateurs possibles (statue par exemple), et tout t’es dragons les plus forts, s’ils ont décidés que cette défense est plus rapide et/ou plus forte… t’as qu’as attendre un répis de la part des concepteurs !

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Even with all the possible accelerators (statue for example), and everything you’re the strongest dragons, if they decided that this defense is faster and/or stronger… you just have to wait for a respite from the from the designers!

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