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More Creatures to add to Jurassic World Alive

Hello Everyone! Please post creatures that you would love to see in Jurassic World Alive. Have fun!


Im ok if only one of these gets added to the game
First one is not mine, I found it on the forums, but the second one is.



I like your Distracting Obstruction move! Cool creature! @Iamalive

For Allobertor I would recommend changing the attack to 1550 or 1600 so that there is no weird damage output

Here’s a flock insect I made. I would love to see it added to the game.


I gave it DoT immunity as I don’t know how Ludia’s going to animate insects bleeding.

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I would like to have Rexy and Aquatics

I would instead to precise pounce instead of rampage on creature 2. Creature 2 is probably my favorite but I’m ok with either

Here’s my own Rexy! I made her have a decent chance of defeating cunnings.

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Some more of my creatures.

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I took your advice, is it ok now?

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Yeah. Looks great

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Nice one. I wish she was here already… :frowning:

Yeah me too…

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Jup hoopfully soon… also with the Aquatics i hope tho