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More creatures!

Yes. I want this one. It looks so fun, and then you can easily mess with chompers with it.
I dont need it
I Dont Need it
I DONT Need it

Interesting idea, but so far it looks as if Ludia is taking hybrids from JWA into JWTG, and not putting many hybrids from JWTG into JWA.

Well, I’ll do the other group.

What is the other group? Taking JWTG hybrids and turning them into JWA hybrids?

you will see

the group is called: " “Jurassic world the game” in “Jurassic world alive”

Ok. I have already made one.

:expressionless:oh, my good!!!

What? What is it?

Ya, but at least there was a forum already.




Attack: 1500

Health: 2900

Speed: 123

cunning strike

lethal wound

Ferocious strike

fierce impact.

without escape (passive)

Is wildcard or ferocious?



Attack: 1500

Health: 4000

Speed: 128

cunning strike

distraction rampage

critical impact

cleansing impact.

heartbreaking counterattack(passive)

Since in this thread they are proposing more creatures, I would like you to add a snake: the Gigantophis, and 2 more crocodiles: the Deinosuchus and Machimosaurus Rex.

wait, speaking of machimasaurus rex, is it the same thing as sarcosuchus, because that picture is of sarco not machimosaurus.

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The most op creature ever:

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Machimosaurus Rex bears a resemblance to Sarcosuchus, I would still like to see Sarcosuchus Gen 2 as well.

i know but still…

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