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More Daily Mission Types


I was excited when I learned about the introduction of daily missions, it gives more reason to do certain things you might not have planned on doing that day. I will dart when I wouldn’t have felt like it otherwise, and I’ve especially seen a lot more friendly battle requests among my alliance.

What would be cool would be even more variety to get players to change up their play style. Specifically with battles. There could be some that are based on certain events in battle, like “get 10 critical hits in an arena battle” or “Use cloak 5 times” or even make it so that you have to use a specific dino in a battle so many times.

One fun night in Sand Dunes alliance a bunch of us switched up our teams to “commons only” (no draco 2 allowed) and had a lot of fun battling each other. There could be missions that are that specific like “Play a battle with a team of only _________” and fill in the blank. Herbivores, non-hybrids, sauropods, whatever. This would make missions a lot less stale and shake things up a bit. You know, keep this game an actual fun thing to play?


I’m still waiting on them to make more achievements :woman_shrugging:t2:


A different award then just Alanqa DNA would be cool


That’s kind of what I had in mind with these types of mission. more obscure acts, rather than stuff that might just happen anyways throughout the day. More like Xbox achievements. Something you have to specifically set out to do. The problem with them releasing more JWA achievements is that for the higher level players they are just completed immediately, and if they make the goals too lofty then they seem impossible for newer players.

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Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a nice source of dna but after 3 weeks, I’d like some variety in the Dinos :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the idea of variety. I think it’s hard to link missions with arena play outside of friendly battles or strike events. Main reason being you can’t choose who you get in the arena and have no control over when you might crit. I know I would get frustrated if that was my last mission to complete and NONE of my dinos decided to crit.

It think they can do more with strike events though. Complete a strike event with only common dinos (referring to the “easier” ones of course). Or even a mission of darting so many event dinos for the day. I don’t even bother looking at the daily missions anymore since I usually complete with just my daily play.

I also agree we need more dino variety. Rotate the arena exclusive dinos or even better guarantee specific DNA based on the arena you are in.


But you can stack your team in favour of completing a mission with a goal like crits. You can add all high crit rates. Obviously this would make it so your team might be weaker than what it currently is, but this would also encourage evolving dinos that aren’t usually on your roster so that your trophies aren’t at such a risk. I know that as soon as I pull a dino from my team I don’t put any more into it. That is sad. There are lots I’d like to use, but have no reason to. This gives one.


Then maybe they can do it with strike event battles. They are still “battles” but you have all the control of who you put it.


Yeah, that would work too.

I had made a similar suggestion of making certain strike tower force you to only use certain dinos, but I think this is better, because it gives incentive, but doesn’t force you to do it.