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More darts are not a better deal in the market

I live in the sticks and buy a lot of 5/50 capsules and darts. It took months to actually look closer and just learned that buying 120 for 100 dino bucks is .2 cents cheaper than buying 350 darts for 250. I never would have guessed it wasn’t a better deal so never checked. I understand it is frivolous, but it is deceiving and I’m not even surprised. Had to share :roll_eyes:

I would never buy darts. I only use my hard cash for coin sales.

Buying scents is bad too. Most the time the 5 min scent i end up getting a wasted one because the green and orange drops give you one each and sometimes your free incubator.

I wish they’d let you carry at least 3 at a time. It would be nice to purchase additional dart storage to carry a max over 140 though.

But since the 1.6 update with the 150m range of ability to spin supply drops it has helped while I’m sitting at home.

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Sorry I snapped, everyone has been slightly on edge and the negativity is overwhelming compared to what it used to be here.

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I too have made numerous suggestion threads and sent suggestions to the developers in the app and thread to help others.

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I love it in the sticks lol

I agree dart capacity and scent capsule capacity should be higher for sure.

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My brother is in the army and currently in a sticks type area. He’s unable to dart or spin anything. I feel bad for him and always try to max his request in my alliance. He only gets dna from battle incubators, request filled, and scents. So he has to purchase those things too.

Here’s my largest suggestion thread that I think a lot of people would agree with given they take the time to read it. I’ve given Ludia all the details and all they need to do is make it happen.

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I’m going to edit my original response, again apologies. I have a feeling you understand why.

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