More darts?

So I just discovered this game a couple weeks ago, and I absolutely love it! I’m currently at level 6, and I was just wondering if and when the max number of darts I can carry will increase? Does anyone know?

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They won’t. It will stay at 140. Only your dna per shot increases. But that’s a good point to increase that amount of darts, cuz im like completely empty after using 2 scents, which leaves me unable to dart after that


Yeah that’s lame. Thanks for the feedback though

If you purchase darts, it goes over max of 140.

Darts are easy to collect, no need to buy.

Also, there are some ways the system glitches and you’ll notice you can carry more than 140 without purchase, but it doesn’t raise the normal max amount.

I never had this glitch but I’ve seen it with others. When does that happen?

Speeding up incubators counts as a “purchase” so you get the darts regardless of whether or not you are above 140. Leave it until the incubator is nearly ready to minimise hard cash cost; handy way of stocking up if you are planning on running scents.


Thanks! Never tried this, good tip :slight_smile:

Wish it can increase at least to 1t0 or most 175

140 is an odd number too. I wonder why not 200?

I wish they would increase the max amount of darts. I would spend hc to upgrade my dart storage. Although it would have been nice if it had increased by small intervals as you lvl up to 20…

@Odinsviper That’s actually a good idea. Honestly, it was what i expected. I was thinking that it may be implemented as a bonus after reaching lvl 20. But that makes me think, is there any reward for getting xp after reaching lvl 20?(I’m lvl 13) Is that overflowing xp stored in case the max lvl increases?

I’d like to see a full reload of darts taking you back up to 140 darts any time you activate a 20 minute scent (or have 35 darts added for a 5 minute scent).

Or another alternative, anytime a scent is active, your dart count does not change (basically infinite darts while a scent is active). :blush: