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More Defense Training?!

For the last 3 days, I have had to fight 12 battles for defense training to complete my daily missions. I assume that Ludia is trying to force people into more PvP Arena battles by doing this since that seems to have dropped off?

They really need to fix friendly battles is this is going to be a requirement. I mean, how long has that not worked now?? I sill get dropped out (a very rough estimate) of 75% of friendly challenges.


If that’s the case it’s rather foolish of Ludia to try to force people to do something they dislike. Last time I checked, games are supposed to be fun. They’re not supposed to be a chore that you dread doing.

I only battle for incubators, so if I get the 12-battle mission I do campaign battles once my slots are full. However, I’m now at level 63 of those, so pretty soon that option will be gone unless I can’t beat the final team. I almost hope I can’t beat it just so I can use the attempts to complete daily missions :laughing:

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Since redoing successfully completed campaign battles don’t count, I’m locked out of using campaign to complete daily battles until my dinosaurs reach the level requirements of the next campaign battle.


The only time I ever get that two days in a row is if I don’t complete it.

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This Daily is always about 12 battles for me. When I hit 100 Epic DNA reward, all dailies misions are rised to its final requirements.

I got lucky that I never fully completed the Campaign, so I can keep retrying a battle I never won over and over to fill in the 12 battles.


Strike towers count towards it.


Just read that in another thread too - great idea! Good to know there is a work around since I am avoiding most PvP these days.


Your assessment is very accurate. The defense training is made to force people into battling in an unbalanced arena. I say make more strike towers, even give them a repeat option since they count towards battles. I always look forward to the strike towers because they are a free pass from doing any battles. Just my opinion of it


Especially if the strike tower is a 3 step one or higher.


I love the 8 stepper ones because they get 8 of the battles required done


The occasional 10-step epics we get are even better! I know they take a while, but it’s better than dealing with the buggy friendly battle system.


Oh I totally agree and I forgot about the 10 steppers


Forcing players to arena ends up discouraging them. I legit dun care if arena is completely empty. We need alternatives to clock battles beyond arena which becomes sad world once you hit Nublar Shores. Fix friendlies and make.campaign battles count after the first win. That will encourage more battling in the campaigns and also more interactions. It also makes more alliances successful and thus grow the player base.

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I totally agree with your ideas

Its just ridiculous now.
Today I have defence training and 13 battles to complete! When did it go up to 13?
I hate arena battles but to get a friendly is so difficult with connection issues.

So I hit the arena and lose 7 straight battles and end up back in the Aviary. Then I win 3 to get back in the library but by now be had enough. It just isn’t worth the hassle and stress to be honest.

Playing a mobile game should be fun, and when the fun stops it’s time to put it down.

Why can’t we have an option that doesn’t involve arena battles to complete daily tasks?


If they didn’t have this though, it would make alliance missions harder as less people would battle.

While I think they do use this to encourage arena battling, I think its also used to encourage alliance participation. Because of that, my opinion is that I would not like to see this daily mission removed.

I agree - between forcing constant battles and all the bugs I am about done. It’s turned into a very painful, bug-ridden grind.

So we have 14 daily missions.

Collect coins
Collect darts
Collect any dna
Collect common dna
Collect rare dna
Open supply drops
Get direct hits
Open incubators
Play battles
Open daily incubator
Fire darts
Play with creature
Interact with creature
Feed creature

I would like to see you be able to pick the 5 missions you want to complete. The next day you pick 5 more missions to complete, but the ones you just completed are unavailable (they are on a mission cooldown until another mission is completed or two full days have passed). They come off cooldown in the order they were completed. Missions that are not completed remain to be completed the next day but you don’t lose progress on them. You still have to pick 5 more missions. The most missions you would have active is 9. So say you didn’t complete 2 missions, you would pick 5 more and have 7 missions to complete for the day. If you didn’t complete any missions for the day, you would only pick enough to bring you up to 9 missions, so in the case of 7 missions you would pick 2 more, or if you had 5 you would pick 4 more. The only time you wouldn’t pick 5 is if it would put you over 9 missions.

You could actually get away with avoiding the battle missions as long as you kept up with the other missions. Don’t complete enough of the other missions and eventually you’re going to end up having to select battle missions.

Just more crazy thoughts…

I hate the 12 battles too. But like mentioned the towers help and I normally get mine between towers and keeping my incubators filled. Since I don’t boost I probably play more battles lol. I hate battling though.

I once complained about battles being a daily mission challenge and was chastised for it. People said they’re a challenge they can’t just give you the reward. Also don’t do it if you don’t want to it’s not required. Blah blah stuff like that.

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