More Dekcs or teams


Hello everyone, I wish that one could have more than one team at a time, it would be more comfortable. Thanks!


How would you use more than one team? I’m serious. Right now, your team is double the size that actually gets used in any one battle, and usually they get rotated enough that it keeps things interesting, and everyone does eventually get some time off the bench (as long as you’re not changing your team constantly).

If we got more than one team, how would you utilize that? Would you want the second team to also have 8 members, or maybe just 6? or even 4, so you could be more precise (and controlling) over who fights at any given point in time?

I’m pretty happy with the current setup, although sometimes I do wish there was a way to maybe give priority to some of the team members, ie make it more likely that they get picked for any given battle. There are some members of my team that don’t seem to get picked for action as much as I want them to be. Maybe that’s a different issue than what you’re raising, but it seems like at least a related one.


Id love to have a strike team, a friendly battle team and a ladder team.


For me, having more than one team would be nice to not waste time when I need to change my battle team when I am doing strike events.

Like today, there were the flyers and the rexes, two separated events that ended up in the same time. If I need to move from one gray flyer events, then the strongest strike events, then another blue flyer event… I don’t want to waiste time to change my team. Maybe this is not so annoying for me now that I am facing lev 15 dinos and I have lev 18 dinos, but in some cases the wrong dinos team, even if overlevelled, will die against their counters.


Basically all the replies above are reasons ro have more than 1 team. Would be nice to have this option.


Sorry if my idea is not clear, I’m not from an English country. What I was referring to is that it could be like clash royale (I did not want to give names), that you have several decks already created and so you can simply choose which one to play with and so you can switch between them without having to disarm them.


I have no idea what Clash Royale is.


Hi Berri, i completely agree with you, similar to Clash Royale. There are actually many things JW Alive. An borrow from CR to make it an even better game: resetting trophy values, all players at same lvl at tournaments, multiple teamslots, dino/dna trading,…