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More dinosaurs and remodels

Giganotosaurus needs a big remodel as it looks NOTHING than the real one, it’s model should be used for a rugops. Also we could replace the allo model with the fallen kingdom one. Also we need to add: Ichthosaurus, Opthalmosaurus, Carbonemys, Compsognathus, Coelophysis, Lystrosaurus, Protoceratops, Archaeopteryx and microraptor


Giga looks nothing like how it is supposed to look because it sadly has a trex animation

Allosaurus should have urgent remodeling.

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It should look like fallen kingdom one or big rock one. They gave argentinosaurus a remodel but not giga and allo


And they should use spino animation for giga

And the current one looks more like rugops @Keith can you please take this into account?

They gave Argentinosaurus a remodel? When was that? Mine looks exactly as it always did.

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Waaaaaay back.

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Older model looks more realistic lol


Pachyrhinosaurus and rajasaurus also should be updated. Also oviraptorids, gorgonopsids and prosauruspods would be nice


10 Rajasauruses

They should update all dinosaurs to their jwa models. Well those that aren’t coppied from jwa. Besides i would also want a black suchomimus

My little brother wants Ichthosaurusin the game so I can get it.

Wow, I had never seen that version! Interesting!

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