More dinosaurs spawns and Spawn Point Changes


Hi to the Team of Jurassic World Alive,

i guess i’m not the only one who is facing lack of dinosaurs in my Area.
I’m living in Frankfurt Germany and when i walk outside to hunt dinosaurs then there are always the same dinosaurs (Ankylosaurus Gen 2, Einiosaurus, Ophiacodon, Tarbosaurus, Euoplocephalus, Sarcosuchus, Nundasuchus, Majungasaurus). All other kind of dinosaurs are spawning like 5% chance and that is to low.

Even the population of dinosaurs in Areas are to low when i compare it with other players like on youtube or twitch. You have to add MORE dinosaurs in every Country in the World and remove dinosaurs from critical parts like Airports, train tracks, Autobahn.


I’m finding the same issue in West London.
It’s been a week and all I see are the same common dinosaurs and they are few and far apart. I know this isn’t a race to “dart them all” but it becomes a bit monotonous.
And why are the event timings so bad? I’m not exactly going to go to a park at odd hours of the day.


Come to think of it @JurassicJas it’s similar where I live with spawns of the same dino. I’m on the hunt for a T-rex :smiley:


Good luck with that! Probably have a dart shortage that day! @pugdaft


I’m also on the hunt for a T-Rex. 25 more DNA to go then i have one. I had one T-Rex spawn but thats all.
I got the other DNA from incubators. But as i said the chance of spawning dinos like T-Rex is to low.
And others too.

When the dinos were alive, it was millions of them, not just a few.
And they wandered. And that’s how it has to be in the game. The spawn points have to rotate in a circle.


There are 2 types of ‘terrain’;
Carnivore regions (spawns sucho, spino, tarbo, tachy,…)
And your region; herbivore region (same as mine).

Then you still have the night which also spawns different dinosaurs. (Majung, raptor,nodo,…)

Thats why joining the event actually helps out because it created a 3rd kind of environment. I caught iguanodons and even an argentinosaur there today. Other days mostly just iguanodon and purrasaurus gen 2 but hey its different! So try to go to 3 kind of regions for now and enjoy the event, not ‘only’ in your own neighborhood.

Now i do agree with you on the fact its always the same but imo thats because there aren’t loads of base dinosaurs right now; the game pretty much just started. Most dinosaurs which can’t be found in the wild are hybrids, legendaries and uniques. Thats at least 20 dinosaurs you’ll never encounter in the wild (which is a lot if you think about it). 13 others seem to be ‘locked’ (greyed out) or still need to show up with the new event feature. Tomorrow one of those will spawn: the dracorex. A dino you can’t catch in the wild (or i haven’t found it yet lol). I believe the game needs time to adjust, create more dinosaurs and start rotating dinosaurs in a special way.

The biggest reason you want to go out is to find epics really. I caught a bunch of them; all kinds of epics. Today was an incredible day; got 5 epics thanks to event and 2 randoms. One on the way back from the event location; the other in my own neighborhood. JWA just needs loads of detail attention sooner or later, just like PoGo is doing right now. At first it was the same as well; every week the same ones until it rotated to a new nest,… But look at it now. You got quests, raids, x-raids and even (but most importantly) various events on numerous days.

Good example is their community day, for example. Instead of being ‘scary’ from the internet; games like these should embrace close and on the go communities. This event spawns one creature for several hours which you can catch. Various platforms, discord channels,… encouraging players to team up and go together on an adventure!

The new event feature in JWA can become exactly that; main problem here is the max attempts (mostly it takes max half an hour and you’re gone) and nothing else really spawns unless its a lucky spawn i guess; especially the supply drops need to be open for other dinosaurs again - but preferably also different ones compared to your region. It just needs those little details so it becomes an awesome feature for everyone. Dont get me wrong it already is; but currently it is just a flat feature; X time, X attempts, done. Once they start adding details and diversify the gameplay the game will become far more enjoyable and not so monotone.

Shinies are also a perfect example; its something different, not a regular one. In JWA this example is the regular raptor vs blue (from the movies). Sooner or later it will become available somehow and people will go crazy for a blue raptor lol. Games like these need more of that; just to spice up the game.

So its just a matter of time until this game will have its own unique traits! So far the beta month had various huge updates. If they keep pushing them like they did before; this game will be huge in a couple of months. We got 2 or even 3 big dino patches and now the event feature as well. Pretty neat imo!


I do wish they would have more spawn points as right now the spawn points are lack luster. I know where to find Dinos now in my area but it sucks that I literally have to drive around within the 1 square mile around my house to be able to get multiple Dinos. The park that I’m near by is AWESOME for Pokemon GO, but not so much for Dinos. I’ll get more Dinos from driving around the square mile than I will by walking around the park.


Yesterday I seen a T Rex but couldn’t make it on time!
But I did get a Epic Spinosaurus in the wild and some hybrid Epic pop up near my house.
Kinda got hyped!


Well saw a T-rex @JurassicJas but it was to far away to get when it was raining :triumph:


Tldr. However your comments are probably accurate and the work you put into the first three paragraphs was so good and impressed me that I gave you a like anyway :wink: