More dinosaurs/ supply drops on highways


Ok let me explain! This weekend, I was on a road trip across the state and it was a 3 hour drive. I originally thought, “Hey there are going to be tons of dinosaurs on the way so I can level up some stuff, cool.”. I was however wrong because there are almost no drops or dinosaurs on the highways. Maybe change the color of highways to like how you did railroads. But also have dinosaurs and drops on them so we can have something to do during long trips.


Its illegal to drive and use your phone / play (playing being even worse) so they will never support that


They have the passenger thing when you go the certain speed and the game can run while you’re on the highway, there are just no dinosaurs or drops there.


True, had a 22h bus trip to Spain last week. Thinking I was going to come across lots of dino’s and SD but I barely saw any the whole drive…
Lots of people play this while being a passenger in a car, bus or train. They should have the same amount of dino’s like regular players.
Also, if you are driving and playing this game, you’re just plain stupid. I can’t imagine putting yourself at such a risk


Lots of people ARE stupids, if not, there were no reason to make a law telling that it is illegal to use the phone while driving. They could think by themselves it is a big risk :sweat_smile:

Afterall, I usually go to work by bus and I catch a lot of dino’s dna. Maybe there is something setted for very high speed, either by car or bus or train etc. When my husband go very fast with his car, I don’t see dinos or supply drops even if I am sure they are there because it is the same road that I make everyday.


I saw dinosaurs even when I was traveling by train. But … the problem is, that mobile data is often bad in some rural areas the train passes … so the Map wasn’t loading very often or dinosaurs spawned delayed (so no chance to get them).

The Map is only empty if you are catching a dinosaur + move a lot at the same time. Game just can’t load this. So in car/bus you should only catch near bus stops/red lights … or wait for Epics/other dinosaurs worth restarting the App afterwards (cause Map will be empty).


Yeah, I see like 6 drops per overpass on I-65 going north and south here. The dinos typically roam just outside of radar range, though. I guess that’s okay, since it forces you to pull over to get a clear shot.