More dinosaurs!

We need more dinosaurs in Jurassic world alive. Thank you for the recent updates which included more dinosaurs, but we need even more!
(forgive some of my spelling)
oviraptor - similer to ornirithnomimus
dienosuchus - crocodile
mammenchiosaurus - sauropod
futalunkosaurus - sauropod
alaxasaurus - therizinosaurid
gasosaurus (yes it’s a thing) - medium theropod
siats (definitly!) - giganotosaurus-sized theropod
ceratosaurus - medium theropod
sauropoesiden - sauropod
zuchengtyrannus - tyrannosaurid
daspletosaurus - tyrannosaurid
tyrannotitan - large theropod
achillobator - large raptor
supersaurus - sauropod
lambeosaurus - (similar to parasaurolophus and edmotosaurus)
Corythosaurus - (also similar to parasaurolophus and edmotosaurus)
scielidiosaurus (will be interasting) - stegosaurid/ankylosaurid
gastonia - ankylosaurid
saltosaurus - small sauropod
crylophosaurus - medium theropod
microraptor - small raptor
citipi - (similar to Oviraptor)
styracosaurus - ceratopsian
diabloceratops - ceratopsian
pentraceratops - ceratopsian
packyrhinosaurus - ceratopsian
…And more of course, but that’s off the top of my head.
Which 5 do YOU think should be added next?
(or 10… :wink:


Well at least we got Troodon now. Unfortunately they turned the tiny nocturnal artic theropod into a featherless monster the size of a JP raptor (although in game scale doesn’t really matter) that only comes out during the day. So be careful what you wish for I guess :sweat_smile:. Nonetheless, I was happy to see it, and would always welcome new dinos into the game. As you’ve shown, there’s so many possibilities!

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changes to small nocturnal troodon


Giga and carchodontosaurus. Of course the already made a bunch of chompers, making it harder for them to get better


Tal vez en futuras actualizaciones, A mi me gustaría el Pterodactylus

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“Maybe in future updates, I would like the Pterodactylus”

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No, we don’t need more dinos.

We need more playable dinos from the dna we already collected.

We need more playable dinos!

Aswell, among all the 200+ we already have, there will be really hard to find all NEW dinos in the game.

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I see the Soronagamma is making its way around

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Yeah, Erlikagamma needs a hybrid. Agree with ya’ll there.

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Spinoraptor and Cerazinosaurus

But it’s still fun just HAVING new dinosaurs. some of us like the dinos we get, even if they’re not lvl 21+ or something :wink:

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it’s a turn-based battle and gps exploration game.

i play all day and have almost 50 not even unlocked creatures here.
while some useless creatures of mine have 150000+ dna piled and ludia insists of giving me these dna daily.

and i’m playing for more than 2 years… ranked library today.
i play every day. but i don’t play all day. and believe it’s the case of most of us.

when new creatures are released, many people didn’t even unlock last update pack. and most doesn’t have playable (level) creatures from 2 or more updates before.

they release more creatures than we can play them.

if this is a game dedicated to a hundred hardcore players that can pay play this much, then yes, let us have 10 new creatures a month. otherwise what we need for now is more ways of getting those existing dna and play with those creatures.

Man, you’re lucky. I can’t play every day all day, so I’m really struggling to keep up with everything.
But anyway, yeah. What’s your alliance?