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More Dracorex Gen 2 in the wild


I know I have voiced my hatred towards this dino as well as its hybrid. I want to fight fire with fire by having Dracoceratops on my team. I feel that with it being common, it should be out in the wild more or as event strike dino.

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Isn’t Dracorex g2 already in the wild? A zone common? Zone 2 I think?


In Zone 2 they are everywhere, I dart multiple every day! All I need is a Pied Piper to attract them to my location!


It is very scarse around zone 3


I usually get around 6 or 7 to and from work


I’ve only found one Zone 2 area that I can get to, and it’s in a tiny village. But my alliance members seem to live there, since it’s one of the few dinos I can request and get DNA of every time.


I usually get 1 or 2 in the zone I am in


Thats because it’s a Zone 2 common.