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More dragon space

With more dragon and more species, will it be good if we can upgrade the space slightly a bit more?


second that, absolutely.

I third that!

I completely agree, I think that around 200 should be good for now

I would like to suggest a new tab for the dragons we slowly build trust for. I currently have 12 spots taken up with these kinds of dragons. I don’t need another Toothless, but keep getting trust points through exploration and therefore is taking up 1 space - wasted.

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No, they don’t take up roster space, count your dragon spots and you’ll be sure about that.

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Players are continually getting squeezed with dragon storage space with the continuous oncoming of new dragons. I need room for all the dragons/dupes as well as 10 spots to be kept clear for feeding. I’m over maxed even with no fodder. It’s non functional at this point forcing me to delete even 5* dragons, so please suggest to give us extra storage @Marcus - would very much be appreciated.


Thank you for the suggestion, shortySTK!

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Appreciate it @Ned :heartbeat::raised_hands::fire:

Levels after 50 would be nice, so we could get free places. I think it should be 250-300


I totally agree with Shorty. We are getting a really big amount of new dragons which is good of course. I just think that there should be always a change to buy more roster space no matter how many you have.


Even a storage place for the Trust Event Dragons would be nice. Those spots are dead space anyway. I avoid some of the Trust Event dragons simply due to storage. I didn’t chase after (or burn any runes on restarts) Grump for this very reason. A separate pen for these special dragons would be extremely useful. Once you get the copies you needed to get 5*, even at 0/1000, those dragons eat roster space that we can never get back.

Something needs to give here.

Apparently the trust event dragons that are not at full trust don’t take up roster space, I have added up my dragons and spaces and found this to be true. It’s only once you have one at 1000 that it takes a ‘real’ space.

But we definitely need more spaces with all the new dragons that keep coming.

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I’ll bring this up to our team! Thanks :slight_smile:


:pray: Thanks kindly @Marcus :confetti_ball:

Trust event dragons shown at the bottom of the roster do NOT take up your roster space.


Yes please. Couldn’t agree more.

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Ya I think that is a good idea. But come to think about the million suggest giving to them. How many are is being adopted.

Now we have more and more dragon type. Will it be better if we increase the dragon space? Or we increase the level and add dragon space to level.