More drops/dino’s


There seriously need to be made more drops and Dino’s in Denmark guys, in a area where I live, there only is 4 of each in 1 kilometer radius.

Suburban areas

Also in Italy is possibile add a new place. È possibile aggiungere nuovi punti📍 nella zona?


Lol i live in Norway and here there is like 10 drops that i can see from where i live.


I suggested it multiple times with picture examples. Hopefully they are working on something by now lol.
There used to be loads of supply drops pre-update; they got removed because batteries got removed i believe, which is a shame really. :frowning:
Dinos already got increased in spawn rate so no real issue here imo.


More spawns in suburban areas 1/2 mile walk yielded 4 common Dino’s


We’re I am there are 0 drops and 0 dinos