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More emotes please

I am thinking the you are number one salute with another finger besides the index, good for you (gfy), keep your streak, almost there, cheap, no skill, and some others to name a few. I am thinking the current ones are too linear and limited

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I’d personally like one that says “the game disconnected me from the server and now I stand no chance of winning” :innocent:


Its a good one

“Misclicked” emote would be great for when my wife waits till I battle to all of a sudden out of nowhere have a lengthy and in depth conversation.


we need one saying “well boosted”


There should be “Daily incubator” emote.
This could explain some otherwise incomprehensible decisions.

This morning a player has sent a “yay -thumbs up” each time their Indo G2 has evaded successfully. In such cases i miss emotes that could express my mood unambiguously.

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Yeah these linear emotes are very limiting to what I am feeling during that time.

I didn’t check if there was a “Sorry” one, because sometimes I want to use it.

I’d use an “eyeroll” in favor of the “yawn.”

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Is this a nice way to express: Play alone, I’ll be watching TV in the meantime?

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