More Epics out on weekends?


It’s 2 pm on Saturday and I just ran into 4 epics in one parking lot while getting food. Is that just insane luck or is there some event that spawning more epics? This was insane, I’ve seen 4 epics in total and I’ve been playing for 2ish weeks and I just saw 4 more in a matter of 15 minutes. Is this happening for anyone else?


I play with my two kids and on Friday we woke up with 2 of the same epics just outside our house.


I do think this is the case, found an Amargacephelus, 2 Rexes, and a Postimetrodon just today not even far from home.


I found 4 epic hybrids. 2 yesterday and 2 today!


Yeah must be! I spotted a few epics around me including a Nodo (not part of event) and a Monolo.


I did some hunting today and I got 4 or 5 more epics today not including the 4 from my original post. Must be a weekend thing like I’m guessing it is cause I have never had something like this happen on any other days of the week. (I’ve never hunted on a weekend till this one)