More Epics out today in wild


Finally noticed epics are appearing more. Caught Trex, two yellow bird, two Spino gen 2, and two of the purple spikes guy.

Anyone else notice epic spawn rate up?


two yellow bird and two purple spikes guy :joy::joy::joy:


Your just lucky today.
I got 7 trex in one day 4 days ago.


Not here in Florida, ever!


Im near clearwater and Ive found 7 in 1 day


That warm weather bringing them out too play!


The same here. Five epics today! And I haven’t walked great distances.


Yes I did find one purple spiked guy, one trex, and a red/yellow small fire bird.

Didn’t really hunt too much, these were just the epics while on my way to costco today :grimacing:


I’m lucky if I get 1-2 epics a day every day here in the uk where I live rare and epic dinos are extremely hard to locate I travel around 20-30 miles a day


One lonely thunderchicken. That was it.


Lucky you. I haven’t noticed more epics around me, it’s all the same like before


18km by a bicycle and only one epic.
I heard that different players see different dinos. If it’s so and somebody sees more epics and somebody doesn’t see them, then I will uninstall this creepy game.


Not here i haven seen any today


Nothing epic today. Of course, I still have my night hunt to run later. This is getting strange.


Big Bird is in the game now?


Well I hope they all migrate here for the winter along with the New Yorkers!