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More Epics than Last Year

I have noticed that there are more epics around than last year.

Last year on an approximate 10 mile bike ride, I might run into 1 to maybe 3 epics.
This year on the same 10 mile distance, I’m getting 3 to 6 which is nice.

I do park hopping and run into the park epics like turtles and Pteranodons often also.


I have days where I’ll see close to 10 just traveling across town to my sons music lesson. Although because of the rubber band effect I miss some…

Oh and I’m not driving, my wife does…

I think they upped their spawn rate ince the coronavirus kicked in

“Nows our chance. Go while they’re most likely to stay home”
-insert epic here

Remember last year “epic august”? The one that didn’t change anything? It had less epics than we have now

I do. For me it was no epic August. Except for the weekly event epics, i havent encounterd a single wild epic that month.