More false advertising by Ludia 😡!

As you can see below I was clearly promised a free premium incubator :open_mouth:, however I only received the usual free inc rewards :rage::pleading_face:. I expect to be compensated in hard cash immediately :sweat_smile:

P.S. I get this is a glitch but would be a great Christmas surprise for your loyal fan base…hint hint


2/5 stars - needs more emojis


LOL I had this happen the other day–freaked out when I clicked it thinking I’d accidentally bought something!

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updated review 12/06/18 1:13 PST

i had a negative experience with the first post after originally reading it, but the op reached out to me to address my concerns, and i have to say that i really felt like a valued reader. whatever ephemeral quality i thought it was lacking, it now possesses in spades, and i truly feel like this sort of service to the customer is whats sorely lacking in many of the reads here at ludia, and many other posters should follow this author’s lead.

5/5 stars, - would read and like again