More fight


I love these game. But i need more fight… For example trening fight not only for get up on arena… Fight for fun or for prize.


Something like Gyms in PoGO or Raid battles will be fine.


You can fight as much as you want . I dont see problem there


Yes sure… But only in arena for exp, and go up go down… I think play only test Dino 1v1 or any… When you go up in arena, you must be a stronger, because youre oponent its Hard and you low… I think that, you play for example 10 20 30 batles you go up in arena but youre team not be stronger any Day for fight. Sorry for me english… But i houpe what i think…


Some Word repare autocorrect…


I personally despise gyms and raid battles, so I hope they never do this.

Ideally, I’d like to keep a mostly solo experience, but maybe battle with friends or something. I just don’t want all the rage, threats (including to run people over or follow them to their house), people stealing other people’s phones right out of their hands, exclusion if you’re not on the same team, etc. Everything Pokémon Go has been a blight in my county and I hope no one ever makes a game like that again… One that constantly rewards you for exclusion and elitism, and requires you to have more friends than most people care to have if you want anything worthwhile.

That’s just my personal experience though. Decent people around here literally drive an hour away to do raids with nicer people… so they can be “allowed” to do them at all. :frowning: