More filter options?


I would like to ask if Ludia is planning on adding additional filters for the battles?

Useful filters would be:
Show only creatures above a certain ferocity
Hide all creatures in cooldown
Tick away creatures (like eg super rare)

Just something so I don’t always need to scroll over all cooldown creatures in tournaments.

What do you think?

Take care and peace, Lambeo


I totally agree! There would also be cool things that may be used (maybe unnecessary) but stuff like “most used” or “least used”.


That is a good idea. To give you an impression how big your (our) chances are that we will ever see one:
I asked for more filter options first in May 2019. Did I ever get a reaction from Ludia? Guess.


Umm… (Thinks) y-yes you did…? :thinking::laughing:


Another idea is in to arrange creatures in the creature glossary by a-z.

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Oh. That’s sad.
Do you guys know if someone from Ludia is reading the forums, are there any moderators at all?
I never had the feeling to read from some “official” Ludia member.
Maybe I’m wrong, than I’m sorry.

Guess again.

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(Thinks for a few minutes)
(Slowly stutters) Y-yes you did? :thinking:


Yes, people like Keith and other mods read the forums to flag posts and send good ideas to the devs.
Look at the forum “Battle stage glitch!” By Indominus rexy, a dev just asked to see indominus rexy’s support key, so theyre still here and reading the forums.