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More FIP Items In Chests

So the chests this week let you get 25000 coins which is great. Not sure if I’m the only one, but after maxing 25000/25000, I’m at 6/18 of the FIP items, which is kind of absurd.

Are we really supposed to go around opening countless empty chests to get maxed FIP items? I feel like about the time you max coins you should have FIP maxed and their frequency in chests needs a boost.

This is while driving too. Imagine people that dont’/cant drive… we don’t all run marathons everyday.


Same here. I drove close to 30 miles. I maxed my coins on chest twice (before/after reset) but I barely had any of the sanctuary items and I can’t tell how many I’ve gotten so far after reset but I know it’s not much. I have the drive back home and hopefully I get a few. I also noticed some areas the chest are far and few between.

At least you have some. There are 0 treasure chests in my neighborhood. We are about to get a significant snow storm tonight so we won’t be going anywhere in the next few days. I’m a bit disappointed to have 0 chests. I also had an overkill of green drops and only 2 orange so I max out on those coins early and have a tough time getting all of the coins I could have from the orange due there being so few that I can reach.

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