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More flexible ability manual activation


When the rage bar’s fulfilled, we can tap on dragon icons to activate its ability. Or the activation can be done automatically (there’s a button to choose). All was OK to try new tactics until I confront the apparently normal and fair but somehow MONSTRUOUSLY UNFAIR opponents combo: [Warcry] + [a dragon with whole-zone effect ability].

You know it when you’ve been struggling at the haunting [MMarshlands 32/56] : 2 Warcrys + 2 Obsurdians :scream: Both species are of Moderate Spirit speed. And what? If I hit Obsurdians, they get angry fast then melt out my team. Then, Warcrys cry and two absurd bonus bombing pour on my team. And then, then, then, everything’s repeated. Are they titled The Horsemen of Apocalypse this game or what? I was feeling a mix of :expressionless: and :cold_face: and :rage:.

But the point is not about Warcry loud sounds, it’s about the manual activation. I’ll say something I guess the develop teams may have noticed:

  • In the auto mode, abilities are activated at the begin of each turn. An opponent can be manually targeted so that it’s more likely to win.
  • In the manual mode, the activation can be done IN THE MIDST of each turn. When the dragons are flamethrowing at each other, should any rage bar be full I can tap on it.

The second makes think about some suffocating fighting (or playing) experience. But, nah, it turns out that the results of every turn is FIXED (calculated by server system).
E.g: The Obsurdian’s gonna fire next turn, its rage bar is nearly full. And now, it’s already in turn, but as I luckily have combos so Warcry still can’t cry and Anveil’s bar is fulfilled, I think it’s the point to make Anveil fire to kill the Warcry immediately. However, it’s not … At the begin, the result is calculated that Warcry shall cry (so Anveil can’t fire, regardless the number of Water tiles). Then Obsurdian does bombing. I’m depressed.

I can rely on luckily enough combos to kill them before their cries or pay runes to continue. Both are not really good for the game ambiance.

So, I know the algorithms are really complex, but if the develop team can let the manual activation more spontaneous (and a more flexible turn’s result), the playing experience would be better. And that doesn’t make the game easy thus boring ; it depends on how fast gameplayers decide.

Hope my suggestion can give out some ideas. And sorry for my lengthy English, too, it’s my foreign language.

Thank you!


A minor point. The term used in this game is “spirit”, not “rage”.