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More Free challenges?

So, here’s the thing :

I’m at player level 7 and I totally own the Sharpstone challenge without a sweat, but barely can get in 10 rooms at frostsilver. I dont even waste my time trying the Forge since that would be wasted gold.

We players get a free shot at Sharpstone every 5 hours, but we still have to pay up for every other challenge we unlock.

Why not add “more” free challenges, on different timers ?

Sharpstone : 5 hours timer
Frostsilver : 7.5 hours
Forge : 10 hours
Harvestshield : 12.5 hours
Heartcoil : 16 hours

It won’t necessarily change a Lot, but it would at least give us a chance to grind a little more through the unlocked challenge without always going in at a loss and it might also helps dropping hiegher cards to actually be able to level up characters.

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First, I think all the challenges should be free, I can’t tell you how many times I did the forge and got one dice, and rolled a one or a two for a net gain of nothing. This idea does have merit if the challenges aren’t free, but the timers should be much smaller, I would say;

Sharpstone : always free
Frostsilver : 1 hour
Forge : 2 hours
Harvestshield : 3 hours
Heartcoil : 4 hours

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@Froman i think a balance between the wait time suggestions would be more their style, but your numbers would be golden.

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