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More Gen 3 Dinosaurs in JWA

This is for all of the creatures that don’t have have a Gen 3 yet. So I want you guys to make your own custom Gen 3 Creatures
Dilophosaurus Gen 3
Here’s my concept of a Dilophosaurus Gen 3 and here’s how you can join to make Gen 3s of your own. You need a creature that already has a Gen 2

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Please, no… The idea of 3 Scorpius Rexes was met with a few negative reactions, and I’m certain more copy-pastes of already in game dinos would just be fueling the fire that is the playerbase’s unhappiness with this game. Unless we drastically change their designs and movesets to an extreme degree, there’d be no point in adding ANOTHER one of the same dino.


We don’t need more gen 3 creatures, the idea of sr3 is already bad enough, no more please


How 'bout more originality


The only other creatures I can see getting a Gen 3 are Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, and maybe T-Rex for those other Gen 3s, but other than that it would just be too much.


Only Gen 3 creature I’d be happy with if it was The Rexy/Roberta from the movies


Why is it a cunning if it has a fierce move?
Also the only gen 3 I’d like would be a scientifically accurate spinosaurus and nothing else.


Just no. We need new models and diversification - not Xerox copies of pre-existing dinos. There was a huge push back against this when they came out with the announcement of Gen 3’s being a thing:

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Personally I would prefer all new creatures rather than further Gen’s.


We probably get more gen 3s but like gen 2s they’re probably mostly reskins or new canon moddels. I think monolophosaurus and t rex can get one since they have new canon versions (camp cretaceous and dominion prologue)