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More gorgosuchus or ostipasaurus

So I was looking at the market and was wondering if I should at some point work on ostipasaurus. I don’t have either of it’s components so in total that would be 48000 dna for 2 max legendaries. Then after that it’s like 29k per ostipasaurus. Is it worth it to just unlock him and upgrade it or should I just buy some more gorgosuchus?


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Ok. Thanks

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If you already have Gorgosuchus unlocked, then just keep leveling her because she is the strongest Amphib in the game (because she is the only Tourney-Hybrid). Ostaposaurus is the runner-up, so if you don’t already have her unlocked then she is subpar to Gorgosuchus.

If you don’t plan on taking Gorgosuchus above level 30, then Ostaposaurus has more attack but you would need to get her to level 40 which is a huge time and resource investment.

koolasaurus is also useful in max…
sorry for the resolution…

Thanks for the advice! I have koolasaurus level 20 but I looked at the math and gorgosuchus is the best value for the dna. And since all of them are 7 day hatches then it makes sense to just get more gorgosuchus

well so…
the Vips that you should focus on to have are eolambia, prestosuchus, mastodonsaurus, pterodactilus, eudimorphodon … in my opinion these are the best and they have around 9.5K of ferocity which is the same as the indoraptor level 2…

Ok. I’m saving and I’m doing VIP for another month and a half. So right before my VIP is done I’ll just buy like 20 packs since I make 100k per month. I’ll do this Becuase if the double VIP points I get back right before my VIP cancels. Hopefully I get some doubles or even 4 of the same dinos.