More green stops please

I’m not sure about others, but green stops with me are really sporadically distributed, I can’t even rely on parks to give me a good cluster, and half the time it seems potential green stops are getting used up by Strike Events that don’t disappear once I complete them.

The fact that they seem to get semi-randomly redistributed for each shift during the week makes it even more difficult to find spots that will guarantee a good haul.

Winter is setting in for the northern hemisphere, walking around for long distances just to find 2-3 green stops, which might not even have the dinosaurs you want, is not desirable.


Here is this one park where was 12 event supply drops. Nowadays there is usually only 4-7. So yeah, this isn’t game which I am gonna play alot during winter. Already skipped last two one time offers which I always buy. Haven’t even played that lot last couple weeks. And one of the biggest reasons is these event supply drops. I am not able to collect every event dino I want so propably will quit playing eventually. I am quite competetive person so this casual playing wont suit me for long.

Ludia please give us a 10% of all supply drops and add a 3% increase of green supply drops and that will sort the problem but keep the strike event drops as they are or make them dissapear once completed

Last week there were many green areas. From my point of work, I had three of these areas within 200 m of the VIP and I could see 4 or 5 more in the distance. This week there are none in the area of 200 m and in the distance I only see 2. This is part of strange things this week that I want to post in a post.