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More guild options

Hey! I feel like this game really needs more things to do as a guild, and more insight for guild leaders. It’d be great is, as a guild leader, we could see the last time players were online so we could kick inactive players. Also, it’d be really cool if you could run guild events/raids (like, maybe you could run a dungeon/fight a boss as guild mission and at the end of the week everyone that participated will get a chest based on total damage done by the guild or something). Or there could be an ‘event’ where you get additional bonuses for donating gear. Or maybe players can pool resources and invest gold to unlock new features/better rewards for their guilds?

There’s a lot of stuff that could make guild cooler.


Agreed. There’s an intention to have some sort of guild battles, so they’re at least thinking that way.

But before that, we just need the guilds tab to load smoothly - mine takes forever to display, and I wonder how many people would be considered “inactive” for similar reasons.

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I agree. The guild I am in, the owner has had the same level players and trophy count for 2 months. I’m about to leave.

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