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More Hybrid components released? Where?!

Each time we get the notice stating that certain hybrid components are going to be more frequently seen I would love to know where.

In all these so called releases I have seen ONE Monolophosaurus and that is it.

Or is it a case of I see zero of these creatures each day so seeing twice as much is still zero.

This one is Scolosaurus. I was hunting last few hours seen many. The commons should be common.

After i installed the new update scolo started appearing.

I’m seeing scolo everywhere. But the epics are still a bit tough to find.

Yet I’ve seen not a single scolo

It’s not just this one… it’s all of them. Since they started this idea off O have seen one single dinosaur involved in the event.

I got 3 off a common scent after i updated. 3 scents before the update spawned 0