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More hybrid drafts

Hi guys and Devs. I think it would be very good to see more hybrid dragon drafts in the game. Because is really hard to obtain hybrids by breeding, I hope that idea is good to realize it.:grinning::grinning:

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i don’t know if i’m lucky or what. i got some hybrid even if it’s 3 stars.
The strategy is breed 2* + 2* or 3* + 3* of the hybrid you want.
get the 2* hybrid twice, and then just breed those 2 hybrids together, in no time, you’ll get the 3* hybrid.

Hope it helps…


I haven’t seen any hybrids in the drafts. although, I also have a few hybrids from breeding.IMG_2769



nice hybrid there… hope i got some 4* hybrids too